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Golf-Fit Training Program

Swing, turn, and pivot better.

Balance, flexibility, follow through, and fluidity.

Enjoy and play a better game!

Bill Craft, (Naples, Florida)
I find Joseph to be a very insightful and knowledgeable Golf-Fit Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer. Not only does he work with fitness machines and free weights, Joseph also includes the use of a variety of medicine balls and techniques, stretch bands, and cable machines.

Our training sessions with Joseph incorporate multiple balance/multiple muscle and movement exercises as well as core and strength conditioning. My golf game has improved greatly since I have been able to swing, turn, and pivot better due to better balance and swing fluidity.

I gained 20 yards off the tee!

Beverly Craft, (Naples, Florida)
My prior Personal Training-exercise and fitness program-was weight and resistance training, so changing Personal Fitness Trainers and style of workout was a huge step I wasn't sure I would be able to take. I am so happy to say training, fitness, and exercise with Joseph-as my Personal Fitness Trainer- has exceeded my expectations. I feel stronger and my flexibility and balance are better, which has improved my golf game! golf fitnessgolf training