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About us

At AAH Fitness, we are committed to providing the accountability and discipline essential for success, while keeping workouts fun and unique, personal fitness training either in-home or private facility available in Naples Florida. Our expert trainers have the background necessary to understand this delicate balance, and the experience to execute it flawlessly in order to best meet our clients' specific needs.

Audra A. Hallenbeck, B.F.A., C.F.T., F.S.T.
Specializing in:
Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST), Personal Training, Fitness, Core/Balance and Functional Training/Conditioning and Development, Post-Rehab Conditioning,Golf/Sport Specific, Pilates, Yoga.


Audra is a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST), Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, holding multiple additional certifications in Yoga, Pilates. Her Certifications and experience specialize in Strength Training, Core Stabilization and Balance, Functional Training, Golf/Sport Specific Training Programs, and Post-Rehab for individuals who have joint replacement(s) or limitations, including Osteoporosis and Arthritis challenges. She has trained with a number of leading professionals over the last 12 years, combining this with her certifications and experience allow a thorough understanding of posture, vertebral alignment and the healthy mind-body connection.

Joseph A. Miserere Jr., B.A., C.F.T., G.F.S.
Specializing in:
Golf/Sport Specific Training, Core/Balance and Functional Training/Conditioning and Development, Stretch-Fit, and Nutritional Guidance.

Joseph is a certified fitness trainer who specializes in fitness and exercise for youth to seniors, with an emphasis on cardiac-pulmonary-fitness and healthy lifestyle-menus.  Fitness programs are designed for the individual concentrating on core strength, balance and functional training.  Core, balance and functional training use low weights with higher repetitions and multi-muscle-movement.  These fitness programs help to develop strength and endurance and balance. Our goal is to help strengthen the body and lower blood pressure and cholesterol counts while getting in better shape.  Joseph has over 10 years experience as a personal trainer and academic coach, and was a golden apple award nominee and A+ rated teacher.  He obtained his professional teaching certificate and has over 10 years experience teaching as well as 20 years experience as a culinary chef, receiving 4 culinary awards for his accomplishments in preparing northern Italian cuisine, fusion cuisine and wild game.   Joseph graduated from FAU in the top 5% of his class with degrees in political science, communication and criminal justice.

Joseph’s track record clearly demonstrates that he has the knowledge and the experience to design challenging (yet easy to follow), effective and enjoyable fitness programs and valuable heart-healthy lifestyle menus.