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  • Personal Trainer
    We encourage everybody to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. Whether your goals are strength, balance, body toning, or muscle development, we can design a fitness program especially for you. Would you like to-knock a few strokes off your golf score; hit further and straighter; improve your forehand and backhand; we design programs to enhance your ability and enjoyment of the sport. Have bone density; cardiac; joint replacement; or limited mobility challenges; our trainers can design a fitness enhancement plan just for you. MENDED HEARTS members.
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    Welcome to "Jack or Jill it up!"
    We offer nutritional programs/menus that are easy to follow; easy to shop for; easy on your wallet; and most importantly-easy to enjoy. The "Jack or Jill it up" program was created to help any individual that desires to slim down, lose body fat, build leaner muscles, or just be happier while getting healthier. The "Jack or Jill it up" nutritional program is provided to you as part of your fitness plan or available separately. For further information, please feel free to contact us.
  • Stretch Therapy
    Stretch Therapy is the technique that elongates the muscles to their full length, which in return helps in the deactivation of myofascial trigger points. This process helps with the full range of motion, better flexibility, and the overall balance in the body. Trigger points are muscle knots or palpable nodules that can cause pain or discomfort. The tightened muscle fibers constrict capillaries preventing them from carrying off the waste toxins. This can lead to that feeling of tightness, pain, and weakness. We help identify the trigger point(s) and engage in the deactivation process in order to achieve elongation of the muscle fiber(s) affected. A multi-faceted approach inclusive of passive, active, and assisted stretches, are utilized to accomplish trigger point release.
  • Fitness Trainer
    All personal fitness training sessions include a consultation with your trainer prior to engaging in your fitness program in order to establish your personal desires and or goals. Each training session is 1 hour. The training program is designed to fit your needs, desires, or goals, by focusing on a collaboration of a healthy mind and working body functioning together as one. This is a coordinated partnership working together towards a common goal-improvement of overall fitness and health, and to enhance the quality of life!
In The Privacy Of Your Own Home - Private Facility Available
Fitness is a life-long pursuit.
Our goal is to set you on a course to optimal fitness

At AAH Fitness, Inc. we believe that a healthy lifestyle should be tailored to your individual needs and goals, as well as fun to implement, which in turn leads to a drastic improvement in your overall quality of life. Our training methods are grounded in this philosophy, and this ensures that we are able to provide unique and enjoyable solutions to meet your needs while we work towards our mutual goal: development of the most fit, happy, and healthy you!

Our commitment to these ideals has led to numerous success stories from our clients, an example of which is emphasized in the testimonial below:

"I am a breast cancer survivor. After 8 surgeries, chemotherapy and 4 years of time, my journey ended and I returned to a 'normal' life in Naples Florida. As a result of the aforementioned, my body objected to the changes that had been necessary to perform successful-looking reconstruction. Plagued by constant pain, I spent the next 6 years visiting neurologists, rheumatologists, physical therapists, masseuses, and even acupuncturists! Expensive shots, manipulations, lotion, potions and pills with no end to the constant discomfort. I won't say I gave up but I did resign myself to a constant companion pain. My husband started working out with Audra and suggested I do also. Hey, sixty is the new fifty, right? What could I lose? Audra set up a program for ME and MY SPECIFIC problems! Within the course of only a few months I was almost 100% pain free! In addition, my energy level has increased along with my stamina. My clothes fit better and I can run and play with our grandchildren for hours, actually wearing THEM out!"

- Jan (Naples, FL)

At AAH Fitness we promise to provide the accountability and discipline necessary to your success while at the same time keeping your personalized workouts fun and unique, and we offer these training sessions either in-home or in a private facility. We also provide menu planning services to further help you achieve your lifestyle goals. To learn more about AAH Fitness and how we can help meet your individual needs, please call or email us today.